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Music Selection

21 Oct: This is Amazing Grace & Lord, I Need You

28 Oct: Be Still and Know

4 Nov: I pledge allegiance to the Lamb

11 Nov: Are Ye Able Cameron Rolling  leading

18 Nov: Resurrecting Anthony & Emma McPhail



21 Oct: "One with Authority" Rev Clotfelter

28 Oct: "One the winds and sea obey" Rev McPhail

4 Nov: "One who opens ears"

11 Nov: "One who came to save"

18 Nov: "One who broke down walls"

Key Takeaways:

28 Oct: God does not promises us the absence of fears; 

God promises the presence of a Savior.

4 Nov: When we truly hear we cannot help but speak.

11 Nov: How to live this: Use your gifts; your influence and your opportunities

18 Nov: While we were weak, God noticed us ... will we notice the weak?

Music used by permission: CCLI#867534; OneLicense#A-715042