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JAM! “Jesus and Me”     

New Time 5-6:30pm                             

Supper, story time, crafts,

games and more...

UMW Circles meetings: Susanna Wesley - Tuesday Oct. 21st at 7:00pm ------------------------------------- Miss Terry’s - Monday Oct. 27th at 7:00 pm ------------------------------------- Friendship - Tuesday  Oct. 28th 7:00pm ------------------------------------- Lynn-Pritchett - Thursday’s Oct 23th at 7:00pm ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- UMM meets Tuesday 2d Tuesday at 6:30pm ----------------------------
Sunday 8:30 & 10:30 am Sunday School 9:15 am Communion 1st Sundays
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A Place to Belong and Serve
                                                          MARK YOUR CALENDAR UMW Unit Meeting, Tuesday Oct 14th at 7:00pm Blessing of the Pets October 18th 10:00am to 2:00pm Fall Bazaar October 25th - order your Chicken plates now!
The Generosity of Grace When people experience the grace of God, it changes their lives and attitudes.   Church is no longer a place they go to worship.  Church is their family and worship is  connecting with God and with our spiritual family.    We Americans and most people around the world mostly get it wrong.  We have  twisted our understanding of what the Christian faith is all about.  We see it all in material  terms.  Church is a building.  Church membership is about numbers and worship is about  the size of the crowd.  I would submit to you that church is about gathering with one another, experiencing  a community of people who love us and we love.  It is about caring for one another and  loving people we may not even like.  It is about being genuine with one another,  supporting one another, respecting one another and building one another up.  Genuine  churches grow because people find they can belong there in spite of some of the  particulars of their lives.  Holy Communion is about coming together and being reconciled with one another.   It is about forgiving and being forgiven.  It is about being reconciled to God and to our  brothers and sisters in Christ.  It is about accepting one another where we are and as we  are. This is only possible because God is incredibly gracious to us.  Grace Comes first!