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UMW Circles meetings, held in Issues & Answers Classroom.  All women are encouraged to visit any: ------------------------------------- Miss Terry’s - Will not meet in June or July ------------------------------------- Friendshp - Will not meet in June or July ------------------------------------- Lynn-Pritchett - Thursday June 23d at 10:00am   ------------------------------------- UMM invites all men to join us on each first Tuesday   at 6:30pm  - often we go out to eat afterwards! --------------------------------------
Farewell and God Bless Twelve   years   is   a   long   time   to   serve   in   a   local   church   in   our   United   Methodist   tradition.     This   is   a   changing   tradition.      We   discover   the   fruitful   work   of   one   pastor   and   celebrate   those over   many   years.      I   am   grateful   for   the   time   we   have   been   here   at   Centerville.      Thank   you   for   a wonderful send off this past Sunday, for the meal, the cards, the gifts, so many wonderful gifts. I   commend   to   you   Anthony   McPhail   and   the   many   gifts   for   ministry   he   has   been   given   by God.      He   has   been   called   to   ministry,   has   demonstrated   the   ability   to   articulate   that   calling   and has   been   faithful   in   his   work   and   in   the   training   he   has   received.      He   has   been   approved   at   the local   church   level,   the   District   level   and   by   the   Annual   Conference.      He   will   serve   you   well   and his family will be here for you to embrace and love.  God   is   present   here   and   gives   you   His   own   gifts   for   love,   support   and   carrying   forth ministry yourselves.  Trust God and work hard to serve God. Farwell in Christ’s name, Stephen Next   blood   drive   July   8th,   1:30   -   6:30pm.      Call   Sara   953-5387   to book your appointment, or just drop by Fellowship Hall
UMM Boston Butts sale - June 25th - ready for pick up 2:00pm 8-10lbs (pre-cooked weight) $25 or $7/per pulled-pound Contact Church Office by Tuesday June 21st to place your order
July 8th, 1:30 - 6:30pm