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Sharing Christ ... Sharing Hope ...Sharing Love!
Jesus and Me (JAM!) resumes in August ---------------------------- UMW Circles meetings, held in Issues & Answers Classroom.  All women are encouraged to visit any: ------------------------------------- Miss Terry’s - Monday’s September 28th at 6:30pm ------------------------------------- Lynn-Pritchett - Thursday’s September 24th at 10:00am ------------------------------------- Friendshp - Tuesday’s September 29th at 7:00pm ------------------------------------- UMM invites all men to join us the Septmber 1st at 6:30pm  - often we go out to eat afterwards! --------------------------------------
A High and Noble Calling “I do not fear that the people called Methodist  shall ever cease to exist either in Europe or America.  I  only fear that they shall exist as a dead sect having the  form of religion, but not the power thereof, and that  undoubtebly will be the case unless they hold fast to the  doctrine, discipline and spirit with which they first set  out.” (John Wesley 1786 at 83 years of age.) John Wesley started a movement in England in  1784.  The Methodist movement grew among the  unchurched and de-churched.  It grew among the coal  miners and street people.  It grew among the people  who had been jailed for indebtedness and among the  poor.  It grew because the early Methodists sought to  reform the Church of England which had become  bureaucratic and spiritless.  It had become an institution that was more concerned with  institutional survival than with caring for real people with real needs.  The people called Methodists believed in the Bible, had a real faith that transformed  their lives, did things to assist the poor and pull them out of poverty, taught personal and  social holiness and believed the grace of God was at work in everyone’s life.  They believed  that God’s love could transform all.  They believed in heart felt faith that gives us the inner  assurance we are saved from the powers of sin and death.  This met the needs of a culture  that had lost its way. We have in our DNA the capacity to do the same in our day.  Are we willing to learn to do this all over again?
Sept. 18th 1:30-6:30pm RSVP Church Office
Luncheon to follow - bring a dish to share with families and guests