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A Place to Belong and Serve

JAM! “Jesus and Me”           

2 Jan 15 at 5-6:30pm                             

Supper, story time, crafts,

games and more...

---------------------------- UMW Circles meetings, held in Issues & Answers Classroom.  All women are encouraged to visit any: ------------------------------------- Miss Terry’s - Monday Jan. 26th at 6:30 pm ------------------------------------- Friendship - Tuesday Jan. 27th at 7:00pm ------------------------------------- Lynn-Pritchett - Thursday’s Jan. 22d at 7:00pm ------------------------------------- UMM meets Tuesday 6 January at 6:30pm
Next Blood drive - January 30th 1:30 - 6:30pm -  Call Sara Colbert, 953-5387, to schedule a time 
Bring us your gently worn shoes to help support micro-enterprise programs in underdeveloped countries.
Preaching Through Mark Over the next four preaching opportunities I have, I will be preaching from the  Gospel of Mark.  Bishop King has asked the United Methodists of South Georgia to  be reading through Mark this year.  I invite you to be reading through Mark as I  prepare to preach as many sermons from Mark as I can without repeating passages  from Mark I have already preached from in recent years.  Here is a list:  January 25  Mark 1:1-8   “The Ruts”  February 1  Mark 1:29-39   “No time For Popularity”  February 15 Mark 2:1-12  “Cosmic Bully or Loving Lord”  February 22 Mark 3:1-6  “Fundamentally Yours, Jesus”  As I plan my preaching I will be writing other articles to you about what to  expect.  This will give you the opportunity to read ahead.  Mark’s gospel was the first written.  It was also the shortest.  It is  characterized with a rapid movement from his Baptism to his crucifixion.  Mark  boldly states the beginning of the (euangelion) good news of Jesus Christ.   Matthew  and Luke mention Jesus’ birth but Mark does not.  Mark makes the bold  announcement to the world that Jesus is the “Son of God.”  He does not propose this  by building a case to prove it.  He simply announces it then tells his version of the  story of Jesus’ life and crucifixion.  Jesus is part of God’s plan to save the world.   Mark seeks to explain this as the reason Jesus suffers.