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What We See, We Do One of the questions we are called to answer in the affirmative as we join the  church is the question, will you support the church with your testimony.  Our  Testimony is our witness.  It is both what we say and what we do.  To be a witness  is to speak and act in Christ like ways for Christ.  It is to share the love of Christ  and help others see who Christ is through our actions.  Children learn much of what they learn through imitating their parents and  other significant adults in their world.  They learn more by what they see and hear  than by what is told to them.  Every action of their parents is a sermon.  We are  called by scripture to be careful how we carry ourselves.  Our actions will take up  root in our children.  Sometimes this will be to our utter horror.  They copy our  attitudes, priorities and emotional responses.  A Hero is a person who gives us a person to look up to.  They embody  values and priorities we can embrace.  They offer us an opportunity to copy  someone else.  This Sunday we will talk about our heroes.  Who are yours?