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JAM! “Jesus and Me”     

New Time 5-6:30pm                             

Supper, story time, crafts,

games and more...

UMW Circles meetings: Susanna Wesley - Third Tuesdays at 7:00pm ------------------------------------- Miss Terry’s - Third Monday’s at 2:00 pm at Nancy’s house ------------------------------------- Friendship - Fourth Tuesdays at 7:00pm ------------------------------------- Lynn-Pritchett - Fourth Thursday’s at 10:00am ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- UMM meets first Tuesdays at 6:30pm------------------------------ -------
Sunday 8:30 & 10:30 am Sunday School 9:15 am Communion 1st Sundays
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A Place To Belong, A Place To Serve            Apportionment  $6.33 per person/per week
UMW will host a “Tea” Saturday, August 10th from 2-4:00pm in Fellowship Hall.  RSVP to Carrie Dominy (478) 396-2201
August 13-16.  Call the office today to schedule your session.  Each family will get a complimentary 8x10 and a free directory for participating!
When God touches Our Lives, Things Happen John had a life that left much to be desired.  He did not go to church, fought  with almost everyone, had been in jail several times, had trouble controlling his  intake of alcohol and blamed everyone else for his problems.  John did not  recognize it but he was on the road to self-destruction.  People around him had a  hard time loving him because he conducted himself in an unlovable way.  He had  no friends and a few acquaintances.  Almost no one wanted to be in his presence  and no one trusted him. Chris noticed John one day. In his heart he sensed this man was a troubled  soul.  He took the time to get to know John.  He listened to his story.  Chris  became a friend to John.  It was a one way friendship for a long time.  Chris  figured it would be this way.  He knew he needed to do this for John.  John’s soul  was worth the gift of his time and heart. This made a difference in John.  He became a little kinder, a little more  understanding.  Finally he asked Chris one day, “Why do you care about me like  you do.  Most people just ignore me.  You don’t.”  Chris responded, “Because someone has cared about me in this way.”  “Who cared about you in this way,” John asked. “Jesus did,” Chris responded.  “He taught me how to love others by loving  me.” “I want to know this Jesus,” John said. Chris introduced them and John’s life began to change all the more.  Could you be the Chris to someone else?