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“The Heart, Head, and Hands”

I heard a biblical scholar say one time that good sermons ought to move our hearts, head, and hands. In other words each time we turn to a biblical text to discuss in church, we should see what it causes us to feel, know, and do. While this is a consistent goal of mine, some scriptures motivate us in one area more than the others while also drawing on the other two. The next three weeks will move in that way – this week focusing more on the heart, the following week focusing on the head, and then finally at the end of our series focusing on the hands.  Last Sunday we raised the question, “What’s the Point of Church?” This is our sermon focus for these four weeks, as we look at our church’s mission statement and ask what it calls us to be and do. 

Last Sunday was introductory and looked specifically at the idea of why we worship, but this week is going to truly be the heart of the series (no pun intended). This Sunday we are going to talk about the very things that make church a more significant arena for true connection over any other social structure that we might be a part of in our communities. As we dive into this together, we will explore some of the things that I feel set our church apart, and how we might be called to build upon our strengths in the future.

Here are a couple of other things of note: 

NEW Name for the Casual Service – This past Sunday we introduced a new name for the Casual Service – “Common Table”. This is intended to give a better description and set apart name, which ties in with the overall vision for the service. “Common” coincidentally comes from our scripture for this upcoming Sunday, as the early believers shared their lives in common with one another, and “Table” is drawn from weekly communion being a part of the focus of the service. 

Joint Experience on October 29th – On the 5th Sunday of this month, our Sunday School classes will come together in the Fellowship Hall for breakfast and a devotion time. Because this falls in the same space and time as our Common Table Service, for this month’s 5th Sunday gathering we are actually going to blend the two events together. We will still have breakfast and fellowship, but the “devotion time” will be a scaled down version of the Common Table Service, which will give the entire congregation an opportunity to see what is different about that worship experience. And don’t worry, I will not be doing a full message as I usually do! It will be a teaching that is conversational, and builds upon our theme for that day (the theme word for the day is “grow”, so the devotion will cover one aspect of that and the 8:30/10:30 sermons will cover another). This will only be the setup for this particular 5th Sunday, as we have other plans for future Common Table 5th Sundays.

Sunday, November 5th is All Saints Sunday.  We honor those members who have passed this past year.  We will have a Memory Table for families to place photo and/or special item of their loved one.  Their name will be read aloud, a candle lit, and a chime rung.

GLHC Reading Plan!

Week of October 22nd

Sunday 10/22: Sermon Text (Acts 2:42-47)  

Monday 10/23: Sermon Connection (Acts 4) 

Tuesday 10/24: Life of Jesus (Matthew 25)  

Wednesday 10/25: Wisdom (Proverbs 18) 

Thursday 10/26: New Testament Teachings (Romans 6)  

Friday 10/27: Story of God’s People (Exodus 1-2)  

Saturday 10/28: Psalm (Psalm 32)

Wednesday Fellowship Suppers

1st & 3d Wednesdays only


Make reservations by noon on Tuesdays

Additional Programs

Dulcimer Minsitry

We meet most Thursday evenings and we love to teach new people.

Pre-School Program

Our program has been in operation for over 22 years offering children appropriate play experiences which contribute to their physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development in a safe and nurturing Christian atmosphere. We use the Pinnacle Early Childhood Curriculum which is faith-based.  

Click here to download a fill-ble 2017-18 

Pre-School Registration form.

Quilting Ministry

“Made with loving hands, praying that God’s love will cover and comfort you like a quilt”

Scouting Pack 400

Has weekly den meetings, and a monthly pack meeting,

Youth Ministry

We reject the lie that students should be immature and irresponsible, resulting in them  being irrelevant to others; but rather, we challenge our students to live out the Gospel  in all aspects of life.  


Sunday Services


9:30am meets in Fellowship Hall


Sunday School for all Ages 9:15am

Church Meetings

United Methodist Men 

  • Meet first Tuesday at 6:30pm

United Methodist Women Circles

  • Miss Terry’s - meets every fourth Mondays at 6:30pm
  • Friendship - Meets every fourth Tuesdays at 7:00pm
  • Lynn-Pritchett - Meets every fourth Thursdays at 10:00am

Sunday School Progams

Our Sunday School Programs is one way we come and fellowship. Visit any one of of our adult, young adult and children’s program. We meet 9:15am through out our campus.  You can get room locations by reading below.  You can also contact our Church Office by phone or email for more information.

Sunday Schools

Christian Heritage

Join us August 27th when we start studying "Grace-Powered Living: A study of the Book of Romans" led by Dr. Robert Jeffrers.

We meet in the Old Narthex

Issues & Answers

Join us beginning August 27th, as we begin a six week journey based on Philip Yancey's "The Jesus I Never Knew."  This journey will expand and very likely redefine your understanding of the person, teachings, and life of Jesus Christ.  One that will lead you beyond familiar images of Christ to discover Jesus as you've never known him: radical, compelling, compassionate, bold, incisive, and ultimately satisfying.  You are invited to join us for study, fellowship, and of course, good coffee!

We meet on second room on the left as you enter Church's Administrative Wing

New Beginnings

The Apostles' Creed

Culture has changed.  Church beliefs shouldn't.  Is is easy for our culture of individuality and innovation to shape the way we think about the church. With so many questions, opinions,nd interpretattion amoong people today--even withing the church-- what should we all agree on as essential to the Christian Faith?

For more than 1,600 years the Apostles' Creed has united the church around core Christian dosctrines as revealed in Scripture.  This historic cofession points us to the foundational belief of our faith and to the life-changing truth of the gospel.

Join us as we consider the value of declairing our shared beliefs with one another and will affirm the long tradition of the Christians who came before us.  We meet in the first classroom on the left when you enter the Church's Administrative Wing.

Pilgrim Class

The Pilgrim Class continues the Wondering through the Bible.  This is an in depth study done with humor and light refreshments. We have breakfast every 5th Sunday.  Everyone is welcome and there is no age requirement. 

We meet down the hall from Fellowship Hall.


"The Real Heaven--What the Bible Actually Says... What comes to your mind when you think about Heaven? Clouds? Harps? Angels? Singing? Now, honestly, does that really sound like a great way to spend eternity? The good news is, that is NOT what Heaven is like. And when you discover what really awaits you there, it will radically change your view of your future and of Heaven. In this 3 part series from Living on the Edge, Chip Ingram digs into Scripture to reveal what our heavenly home will be like, what we'll do there, what we'll experience and how we're to prepare for eternity today. Join the Seekers SS Class as we discover the amazing truth of what awaits us all in Heaven"

We meet in the classroom closest to Fellowship Hall

Wesley Fellowship

We meet in the second room  on the right down the hall from the office entrance.   Don Schall teaches the class described as an excellent lesson "mini  sermon" each week.   We study the Adult Bible Studies, an official resource for The United  Methodist Church approved by the General Board of Discipleship and  published by Cokesbury.  Come join us each Sunday ... You will be glad you did.

We meet on the first classroom next to Treasurer's offcie turn right on the first hallway in Church's Administrative Wing

Childrens Programs

Grades 5-12

Fields of Faith is October 25th.  Meet at the church at 4:30pm and we will be back 9ish.

Sunday evening gateherings - meet at church by 5:45pm.  Families interested in hosting a youth gathering, contact Louis Sampson or church office.

Yak Shack is next door to the Fellowship Hall - near playground

Kid Central

In the month of October, we are going to be looking at Psalm 24:1, whcih says, The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it (NIV).

At the beginning of the year we will be putting in place some new "roles" within children's ministries.  Roles such as children's Shepard - not to teach the class but be here to assist the teacher.  If interested contact me at jamieb2013@yahoo.com, or call the church office.  God bless, Jamie Hill, Children's Minsitry Director

Kid Central is down main hallway from Church's Admin Wing.  It can also be reached off Walker Drive

For More Information

Email  Nancy Schneider, Children Director, or Louis Sampson, Youth Director, at cvilleumcga@gmail.com 

or call the office, 478-953-3090.

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