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Pastor McPhail, Emma and Everly
“A Praying People” Growing up I always looked forward to making my Christmas list. At times I would be very creative with it, and sometimes it would be a bit wild. I have a very generous family, so it was rare for me to not get my top asks. Part of that is attributed to me knowing my family well enough to know what is within reach for them to give, but it also is because I was bold enough to ask. As we head into our third sermon on time this week, this practice came to mind as I reflected on what it meant to take the time to ask. I think sometimes we do not ask God for certain things because we are not sure what is within reach to ask for, and because sometimes we lack boldness. And if we are really being honest, sometimes the things we do ask for tend to sound more like Christmas list items than they do bold prayers that tug at the heart of God. So what should we ask for from God? Why should we be bold in our prayer life? Several people have shared with me a desire for us to be known as a “praying church”. I think that is an awesome desire! So if we are to be a praying people, what should we ask for in our prayers? I believe that our scripture for this week will help point us in the right direction.  Anthony