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UMW Circles meetings, held in Issues & Answers Classroom.  All women are encouraged to visit any: ------------------------------------- Miss Terry’s - We will meet Monday September 26th at 6:30pm ------------------------------------- Friendshp - We will meet Tuesday September 27 5 at 7:00pm ------------------------------------- Lynn-Pritchett - Thursday September 22d at 10:00am   ------------------------------------- UMM invites all men to join us on each first Tuesday   at 6:30pm  - often we go out to eat afterwards! --------------------------------------
Pastor McPhail, Emma and Everly
UMW are challenging all grandparents to donate one teddy    bear for each grandchild and great- great grandchild.  Drop your teddy   by the reception office.
Help us celebrate Betty Bowen’s Day Sunday, October 2nd


“It’s Hard to Top This One” First Statement: Sunday’s sermon will probably be the most important sermon I have preached up until this point at Centerville UMC. Second Statement: I am not crazy about pastors making statements like the one I just wrote! I have often come across the Saturday night online posts of a prominent pastor in another state. These posts always seem to be something along the lines of “I cannot wait for tomorrow, it will be the most important message ever.” Seriously? After a few weeks of this, I wondered how he possibly could be topping each week’s service with the next! I kept waiting for him to post one Saturday night, “worship tomorrow will be pretty bland and the message will be mediocre at best.” It never happened, I just kept seeing hyperbolic overenthusiastic propaganda intended to lure his congregation to actually show up for church. Okay so now that you know how I feel about it, hopefully you know I am not writing such a statement flippantly. If I am going to write that statement then I truly believe it is pretty important. Not only does it cap off our series on Jesus’s parables, but it also captures a huge part of the vision that I feel the Lord has for our church. Why do I think that? Because Sunday’s parable points to one of the important aspects of Jesus’s ministry, so naturally it should also be one of the most important aspects of the Lord’s vision for us. It is one of those “capstone” teachings where Jesus explains the depths of the Lord’s heart, and then figuratively “drops the mic” and walks off the stage. Every parable has a twist, a trap door on the back end that leaves the listener speechless; this parable has more than one. I look forward to experiencing these twists with you, and seeing where they take us as a church! Anthony
Christmas Festival December 3d, 2016 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Save the Date